Valve identification painting
- Dec 13, 2017 -

1. Valve product according to the body material identification paint, the color is as follow.

A. Body material: gray iron, malleable iron, ductile iron; carbon steel; acid-resistant steel; stainless steel; alloy steel;

B. Identification painting color: black, silver, in gray, blue, cobult.

Note: (1) Acid-resistant steel, stainless steel is not allowed to paint, (2) Copper alloy is not painted.

2. In order to represent the valve sealing surface material, should be in the transmission hand wheel, handle, wrench identification paint, the color is as follow.

A. The sealing surface material: copper alloy, Babbitt alloy, acid-resistant steel stainless steel, nitriding steel boron steel, Carbide, Monel alloy, plastic, rubber, cast iron.

B. Identify the paint color: red, light yellow, sky blue, sky blue, sky blue, dark yellow, purple, green, black.

Note: (1) Seat and the opening and closing pieces of sealing surface material is not the same, according to the low hardness material coloring.

    (2) Check valve, coated on the top of the bonnet: safety valve, pressure reducing valve, trap coated on the valve cover or bonnet.

3. The transmission paint color, according to the following provisions:

(1) electric device: common type coated in gray, triple (outdoor, explosion-proof, anti-corrosion) painted blue.

(2) Pneumatic, hydraulic, gear drive and other transmission mechanism, with the product coloring.