Chinese Independently Developed Large-caliber Nuclear Power Plant Blasting Valve Drive Device Passed The Appraisal
- Apr 18, 2018 -

    The reporter learned from the Institute of Chemical Materials of the Chinese Academy of Engineering Physics that the largest bursting valve in the world, which was independently developed by China and has a bore diameter of 450 mm, has successfully completed the hot-valve-opening test. This also marks the identification of all burst valves used in the CAP series of third-generation nuclear power plants.

    The blasting valve belongs to the third-generation pressurized water nuclear power plant-specific safety device, and is one of the key technologies that are extremely difficult in the CAP series of nuclear power plants independently developed by our country. It can trigger a blasting unit by opening a valve when a nuclear power plant encounters a serious accident, generates a high-pressure gas to push the valve, achieve passive pressure relief, and finally injects cooling water into the reactor to cool the reactor core, thereby effectively alleviating and preventing serious accidents and ensuring the safety of nuclear power plants. .

    Xi Yan, deputy director and head of the project, said that the blast valve consists of a cartridge drive unit and a valve body. The hot-opening valve test carried out this time is a key step in verifying the reliability of the blast valve. That is, verifying that the burst valve has a high temperature vapor pressure in the pipeline under the actual conditions, the cartridge drive device normal function and the ability to open the valve function.

   The cartridge driving device used in the valve opening test was successfully developed by the Chinese Academy of Sciences for 6 years and has completely independent intellectual property rights. During this period, the institute gave full play to the accumulation of core technologies of the military scientific research units in the field of explosives, and adopted a brand-new approach in the selection and verification of pyrotechnics. Through simulation calculations, the structural and parameter matching design of the valve body and drive unit of the blasting valve was implemented. Self-designed innovations were carried out. At the same time, through military-civilian cooperation in research and development, the institute has also cooperated with Dalian Dagao Valve Co., Ltd., Shanghai Nuclear Engineering Research Institute and other units to achieve a number of technical breakthroughs such as the research of blast valve principle prototypes and engineering prototype design. China's nuclear power plant burst valve full set of technology.

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